Botulinum toxin injection is one of the most important aesthetic procedures today. The procedure is actually simple to perform, but needle position and dosage accuracy (0.025 to 0.1 ml) are critical. Injecting the wrong amount can lead to asymmetrical results and waste the expensive drug. Today’s syringes do not address this challenge.



InjecTec introduces MultiTox, an extremely efficient cradle for multi-use injections —up to 40 injections with the same cradle.
The MultiTox cradle and syringe address the need for accuracy, precise placement, and exact dosages required during botulinum toxin injections.
InjecTec has paid special attention to comfort and safety. The cradle accepts a standard sterile syringe and moves the plunger in a stepped manner to facilitate injecting precise, multiple dosages of botulinum toxin. The patent-pending MultiTox cradle is positioned in the hand the same way the syringe is held today. Pressing with the palm or the thumb activates the syringe.
Using MultiTox, the cost per patient is less than 60 cents, a very cost-effective price to physicians.
Treat your patients with MultiTox.

MultiTox lets you focus on the patient, not the plunger.